Managing Trustee's Message
SICA Pre Primary School
Copyright 2015 @ Sica School Indore.

Our city, state and country in 2017, after 70 years of independence has progressed rapidly in all spheres of life which includes education. The word 'Education' has evolved far beyond the basic definition of 'systematic instruction, development of character or mental powers'.

My definition of 'Today's Education' is development and polishing the inherent faculties of sight, hearing, understanding and speech in a child. We need to put up the child to observe in detail, listen with full attention, comprehend and assimilate and speak with clarity and openness of his/her thoughts.

In today's world children can easily pick-up audio and visual messages from public places, at home on the Radio, TV and Newspapers which are beyond their age and comprehension, which leaves the school with the difficult task of shaping students to receive the right amount of knowledge, skill and attitude building relevant to their age and level of comprehension. This seamless progress of sharing and dispensing of curriculum over the schooling years prepares the passing students to face confidently and carry forward the school inputs into their college life and later assimilate the entire spectrum of learning seamlessly into their professional and personal lives.

Our teachers, at SICA, are well prepared and abreast with the latest practices to develop children to go through the school curriculum in a lucid, simple and visible way. School is the place where the children spend 6 to 7 hours but beyond this, the parents are the 'teachers', who should pick up the progress at school from their wards and carry forward by putting in a disciplined exercise of revisiting the school learning on a daily basis, thereby reinforcing the child's thought process and instilling confidence to move forward to the next chapter. The parents need to listen and allow children to put across their views. They should never ever impose their thinking and expectations on the child.

Let's come together in building up our children to get rich in their skills, enlarge upon their knowledge, confidence and attitude to meet all challenges successfully.

Wishing all the children a 'happy fun filled learning'. My special wishes to the board going students to confidently crack the exams and bring laurels to themselves, their parents and the school.

Season's Greetings and Wishes for 2018 to bring new learning and perspectives in our lives.

13th December 2017.

K.S.Venkateshwar Iyer
Managing Trustee