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Annual Report
( Aegis: SICA Educational Trust ) Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, No 1030793


A genuine good evening....... This is for our honourable Chief Guest Dr. Gurmeet Singh Narang, Mrs. Narang Chairman SICA Educational Trust, Mr. S.B.S. Iyer, Managing Trustee Mr. V. S. Mani, Educational Trustee Dr. Vijaylaxmi Iyengar , Trustee Mr. K.S.V. Iyer, Secretary to trust Mr. S.M. Iyer, S.M.C.Convenor Mrs. Padmini Khajanchi, PTA President Mr. Manoj Tiwari, Vice President Mr. Pramod Bais, SMC Convenors of other two branches Mr. N. Ravichandran and Mr. Vijay Kumar Iyer, SMC members of all the three schools, Principal , SICA-54 Dr. Madhukar Pawar, Principal SICA-78 Mr. S.L. Gorya, all Vice-Principals, H.M’s, A.H.M’s, our pillar of strength – Parents, distinguished guests and my lovely children.


I am genuinely overwhelmed while presenting this report of the academic session 2016-17 Confucius - the great philosopher said, “Every great journey begins with a single step”. I am happy to share that SICA SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL NO.3, NIPANIA, INDORE, has successfully completed three years and this journey has been very gratifying. Our strength has increased from nine fifty to eleven hundred nine this year... looking into the initial overwhelming response of the people of Indore, soon we will function like the other two branches. This year we are geared up to send the first batch of Class 10th for the boards and +2 up gradation works is in process.

The session began with the Investiture Ceremony. To mould students into future leaders, ‘Students’ Council’ was formed. Mast. G. Shashank and Kum. Avani Saxena, were nominated as Head Boy and Head Girl of this council. The programme was based on the theme ‘POLYTHENE FREE ZONE’. I proudly say that our elite parents have supported and contributed in this drive by sending paper bags with children as and when required and done away with the poly bags..... This is indeed a great start.....
Independence Day was celebrated with a special tribute to our martyrs..... By creating a replica of ‘AMAR JAWAN JYOTI’ and had given rich floral tributes...... This instilled a feeling of patriotism among children which is our top priority in view of yet another assault on our brave Indian Army yesterday.
In order to have a better interaction and understanding, with parents, Parents-Teacher Association was formed on 27th September, 2016 and Mr. Manoj Tiwari was elected as PTA President and Mr. Pramod Bais was elected as PTA Vice-President. All Class-Representative were also elected. We are looking forward to work in unison to achieve common goal on common platform.
This year our students will be participating in International Maths Olympiad and in N.T.S.E. exams for which they are already registered they are also registered for the Science Exhibition to be organized by the CBSE shortly. This year 28 students participated in Regional Maths Olympiad.
The performances of our students in various inter school competitions held so far have been very encouraging........ As this was our first exposure.... it is said, “Morning shows the day so here I begin with our achievements”......

Starting with our little stars-

Daksh Raikwar, a promising skating star of class II-B amazed every one by skating for one hour during the Nonstop Roller Skating Road event held on 12th June, 2016. He has won Gold and bronze medals and obtained Yellow and Orange Belt in n Karate championship respectively.

Eleven Sports Pvt. Ltd. and MP Table Tennis Association organised State Tennis Championship. Hriday Jain of Class V-A and Senior Girls - Urvashi Gupta of Class IX-A Aditi Jain of class X- A won Silver medal respectively.

Indore Sahodaya Schools Complex Cluster 3 which comprises of 30 prominent schools organised Taekwondo Championship at Columbia Convent School. Mast. Lakshya Mishra won Gold Medal on 3rd September, 2016.

An inter school elocution competition organised by G.D Goenka School, Ms Shambhavi Nair got over all First position. She was also a special invitee in yet another Rotary Club’s programme on 2nd October, 2016 in Pioneer Institute of Management.

Ms. T. K Srinidhi of Class VI- A and Mast. Moksh Singh Deepak of VIII- B participated in 11 M.P. State Open Karate Championship held on 1st & 2nd October, 2016 and won Gold and Bronze Medals respectively.
CBSE Cluster XII organised Table Tennis championship at Delhi Public School, Jabalpur from 13th to 15th October, 2016. Our team under 14 boys Mast. Aviraj Parashar VII- A, Yash Joshi VII- C, Nakshatra Verma VIII- B and Abeer Nair of VI- C won the Silver Medal.
Indore Sahodya Schools Complex (ISSC), an Inter School Quiz was organised by SDPS School on 15th October, 2016 for cluster III. We are proud to share that Mast. Abhinay Garg of Class- IX, Ukarsh Luthra of class VIII- B and Aryan Tiwari of X- A secured First position and won the Best Performance Trophy.
Similiarly an Inter School Drawing and Painting Competition was organised by Indore Sahodaya Schools Complex at Sant Sri Asaramji Gurukul School, on 18th October, 2016 Ms. Divyanshi Mahajan V- C won the Best Performance Trophy. In Kick Boxing, Wrestling, Kurash Martial Art Ms. Pragya Kumawat of III -B won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively.
In the Kick Boxing Championship Neelmay Sankhala V –A, won the Gold Medal.
In Kumite Championship Aahana Sharma IV- A and Adhishri Sharma of III- B won the Gold and Bronze Medal respectively.
In Kumite Championship T. Smruthi IV- B won the Gold Medal.
Indore Sahodaya Schools Complex organised Senior Bal Vigyan Competition on 10th November, 2016. I am proud to announce that SICA Nipania won four awards. They are as follow:
In Mathematics Senior Balvigyan held at Standard Public School we won Best Presentation Award. Mast. Prakshal Secretary X- A, Ms. Katya Pandey X- B, Mast. Kartik Disawal IX -B and Ms. Anushka Mandge IX – A, were the participants.
In Chemistry Senior Balvigyan held at ILVA School, we won Best Idea Related to Theme Award. Ms. Anushka Vajpaee, X-A, Ms. Aayushi Gurjar, X-A, Ms. Shipra Trivedi, IX-B and Mast. Yash Bobde, X-A, were the participants.
In Social Science Senior Balvigyan held at Sant Asaramji Gurukul School we won Best Project Award. Ms.Sara Pandey. X-A, Ms. Ashi Jain, X-A, Ms. Khushi Doshi, X-A and Ms. Shambhavi Nair, X-A were the participants.
In Biology Senior Balvigyan held at St. Marino School we won the Best Aim and Utility Award. Ms. Avani Saxena, X-B, Ms. Anshika Tiwari, X-B, Ms. Lalitha Kavya, X-B and Mast. Abhinay Garg, IX-B were the participants.
Our Pre-Primary and Primary wing in charge and enthusiastic leader Mrs. Girija Kumar are laying a strong foundation of excellence..... We have roomy and artistically painted class rooms, fully equipped with Montessori gadgets and a good team of experienced and dedicated teachers to groom the little ones with great love, efficiency and care. Their cheerful faces and captivating smiles is a testimony to this claim. The entire ambience is very impressive.....
We began teaching with ‘VIDYAARAMBHAM CEREMONY’ a ceremony of igniting learning children were made to write ‘OM’ in grain to start with the first letter.....
We celebrate all the festivals to introduce them to our rich cultural heritage. We often take them to field trips to Nursery, Temple, Gurudwara etc., to introduce them to their surroundings.
We celebrated sharing day where Children shared their food with friends. This enables to develop the feeling of brotherhood and compassion, a very important core value is being instilled right now.
Grandparent’s day was celebrated. This was an expression of gratitude towards the elders which brought smiles on their faces after seeing the mesmerizing programme put up by their Grand Children.......
We created health club, literary club and had many activities under its banner in the extended school assemblies and to make the learning stress-free. You must have seen the glimpses of the same in the PPT projection today and also through our regular newsletters.
The school has some best practices to be shared with you. We have solar panel LED lights, water recharging system, water conservation drive, cleanest campus, no polythene zone school, compost pit created by primary section. It is said that our tools should be sharp if we have to chisel anything with precision... We organize regular workshops for teachers just before the commencement of the new session.

Brain storming session for Senior Secondary and Primary was organized for all the branches of SICA on 9th June, 2016 at SICA 78.

Teachers attended workshop on creativity, proficiency in various subjects.

A smart class training and effective computer teaching skill was also conducted.

An awareness programme specially dealing children’s mental health was organized by National Institute of Public Co-operation and Child Development Western Region Centre, popularly known NIPCCD, where in two teachers participated.

This keeps them updated...... I am happy to inform that our three teachers namely Mrs. Reeta Sharma, Mrs. Vaishali Sengar and Ms. Archana Gujarati who have cleared the Prestigious Central Teachers’ Eligibility Test this year. This is the test conducted by CBSE on all India bases.

Ms. Girija Kumar secured all India V position in Essay Writing Competition. A school is not just building run by teachers.... administration plays a major role without which the building may crumble down in no time. “Never give up on your dreams; age is just a number!” This is absolutely correct when I see my pro-active management..... They are all young and energetic working day in and day out to realise their dream of ‘SICA’ and leading five schools and a college with 8000 children to the pinnacle of glory. I shall never be able to thank them all adequately for having implicit faith in me and extended their unstinted support.

My thanks are also due to our newly formed S.M.C. for their every possible care and support..... I am deeply indebted to our guest Dr. Gurmeet Narang and Mrs. Narang who have graced the occasion and have given a moral boost to our children... I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to our esteemed parents for being strong pillars of our strength.
Last but not the least, I thank my dedicated teaching staff, ministerial staff and support staff for their tremendous efforts throughout the session.

We build our dreams, with mission deeply rooted with every brick etched with values; this school is steadily growing with quality education parallely growing......

May God abide in us!
Jai Hind.